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Our vision is to be a leading supplier of business solutions, evidence and advice across all sectors of the economies of Horn of Africa region.
We consider our role as working in partnership with industry, investors, policymakers and international development partners to identify and understand challenges they face. Further, we can then develop sustainable solutions for them through innovative thinking, data gathering and rigorous analysis.

Dr. Mohamud Hussein

Dr. Mohamud Hussein

Founder & CEO

Mohamud is an economist with over 20 years of experience in the development
industry, public sector and research in the UK, and several years more recently in
the Horn of Africa region. When working in the food industry, he managed
commercial projects that developed products and services targeted at new markets.
In the public sector, Mohamud effectively evaluated the impact of public interventions across a wide range of programs including uptake of new agricultural technologies, business impact and response to new regulations, and return to investments. His research skills and expertise include econometric analysis of food demand and economic modelling of regulation. Dr Hussein has worked with UN agencies, the World Bank, and the European Union. He has also authored numerous reports, co-authored two book chapters and published research articles in leading academic journals, including Food Policy, the Journal of Agricultural Economics, and the Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics. Mohamud has a laurea degree in Agricultural Sciences with Economics (University of Perugia), an MSc in Agricultural Economics (Imperial College London) and a PhD in Agri-Environmental Economics (University of Kent)

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Our vision at ASH is to be a leading provider of business solutions across the entire agri-food value chain in Somalia/Somaliland and the wider East African Region.


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