Business Analytics

We offer support in collecting a wide range of relevant business and market data. We can then analyse the data using rigorous analytical methods so as to reliably inform your business decisions.

We are committed to help your business or project achieve its goals and provide you the tools to manage your finances and make informed decision!

Business Assistance

Resources to Support Financial Management & Forecasting

We can assist businesses to systematically identify and collect relevant data on their business activities, processes, and supply chains, as well as data on suppliers and consumer behaviour for purpose of improving your service. We can
help you to analyse this data to better equip your businesses with the insights and tools necessary to improve performance. Our analytics regarding clients’ business activities and processes are known to yield solutions that support sales, marketing, supply chain visibility, price optimization, and workforce productivity analysis.

Career Posting

Career Posting

Agribusiness Solutions Hub (ASH) is seeking an Expression of Interest from professionals working in agricultural and food sciences, engineering, economics, business, statistics and social research fields. We would like to hear from you if you have: a good...

Data and Information

Data and Information

Your Data and InformationThere is an acute need for the collection and systematic analysis of data on agribusiness activities and food consumption in Somalia to support the development of the relevant economic and regulatory policies and business decision making....

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