The Canadian Agricultural Economics Society has awarded Dr. Mohamud Hussein

The Canadian Agricultural Economics Society has awarded Dr Mohamud Hussein and his collaborators its prestigious 2016 award for an outstanding research article. Dr Hussein and his colleagues have examined the effectiveness of UK regulations on food advertising targeted at children. The Outstanding Journal Article Award recognizes achievement in agricultural economics, resource economics and farm management for articles appearing in the Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics

Capacity Building

Land degradation threatens livelihoods in Somalia 

Livestock and agriculture underpin livelihoods in Somalia. This makes the country highly vulnerable to the impacts of negative environmental changes such as reoccurring droughts and deforestation. Alongside deforestation and desertification, land degradation is now a serious problem in many parts of the country. The most prevalent types of land degradation are loss of vegetation, topsoil loss and the decline of soil moisture. Causes of land degradation in Somalia are overgrazing, tree cutting, poor agronomic practices, and limited use of soil and water conservation practices in farming areas.

Agribusiness Solutions Hub is currently working with the Economics of Land Degradation (ELD) initiative to train public officials and researchers on environmental valuation techniques in order to raise environmental awareness and strengthen public policymaking in Somalia through evidence.


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