Research and Programme Support

We can help you to design and implement both small and largescale public policy and international development programmes and projects effectively.

Our research expertise includes analysis of:

  • Agricultural inputs use, technological change, and productivity growth
  • Linkages in food security, nutrition, and health
  • Household poverty dynamics and resilience against shocks
  • Sustainable land use management and associated ecosystems services
  • Effects of regulation on different economic activities and across sectors
  • Analysis of investments to help you identify opportunities, determine the present value of future cash flows and risks associated with various investment options, and compare the present value of these cash flows with the cost of the investment

Public policy
and international development programmes

Cutting Edge Research 

Our programme support services include ex ante appraisal of alternative interventions options in the programme design stage, identification of relevant targets and milestones for effective monitoring of progress during implementation and ex-post evaluation of impact at the end of the programme based on good quality data and appropriate analytical methods.
We can also support your programme or project with cutting edge research to establish what works best to achieve a tangible and sustainable impact, and also help you to disseminate results through high-quality reporting, workshops and publications.

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