Training and Advice

We provide training and advice on both survey methods needed to generate good quality data, as well as the statistical and econometric approaches required to rigorously analyse data.

Design & Survey

Training and Advice on Survey Methods

Our training and advice on survey methods cover a full range of activities needed to design and run a survey effectively. These range from data collection and determining the sample size, selecting the sample and allocating it across strata, through to methods of point estimation and variance estimation, and data analysis. 

Our analytical services cover a range of descriptive and inferential statistics.

In particular, we can handle advanced econometric techniques, including causal inference analysis used to identify key business and policy problems, investigate, and determine the root cause of these problems. Thus, we can help to predict what happens to a given outcome when you change a set of influencing parameters within your business or policy decision-making.


Sesame Opportunities

Sesame Opportunities

Sesame Opportunities in Somalia There are good opportunities for sesame producers and exporters in Somalia. In addition to being an integral part of the diet, sesame is the largest export crop. The total number of sesame farmers in the country is estimated at 220,000,...

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